Anchoring Solutions for Unmanned Surface Vehicles 


Bowmaster’s developments in underwater systems has led to ground-breaking technology in anchoring for unmanned vessels. These cutting-edge developments offer an advancement in the deployment of autonomous surface vessels (ASVs), medium unmanned surface vessels (MUSVs), and large unmanned surface vessels (LUSVs) such as drone ships, minesweepers, and submarines.

Recent unmanned anchoring projects from Bowmaster have produced reliable, robust, and fully remote-operated anchor systems capable of working in challenging waters and a range of ocean conditions. In 2016 DARPA launched an anti-submarine USV prototype called Sea Hunter. This is equipped with a Bowmaster Unmanned Anchor System and a Manson Submarine Anchor. 

Bowmaster’s Unmanned Anchor Systems enhance the performance of an unmanned ship. The systems are built on the same modular design principles of all trusted Bowmaster systems – lowering risk, simplifying integration and reducing the time and cost for vessel build. They are versatile, scalable and tailored to each application, and can be used for submarines, ASV, MUSV and LUSV. 

The design of these systems is a collaborative process with the build partner, and Bowmaster uses 3D engineering, 3D scanning and prototype testing at their in-house design and build facilities. 

The Bowmaster Unmanned Anchor System pre-commissioned modular design provides;

  • Complete anchor deployment in a single subsystem, reducing procurement and supply chain costs for ship builders and owners,
  • Reduced harmonic resonance for stealth ship operations in various sea states, improving maintainability and through life costs for the ship owner.
  • Redundancies for power down operation, emergency use backups as standard.
  • Anchor stowage within the hull profile, reduces radar signature and provides acoustic isolation, enhancing mission performance.
  • Material options to satisfy antimagnetic mine countermeasures requirements, and titanium or super duplex options for extended life in undersea environments.
  • Reduced collision impact consequence.
  • Designs are scalable up to 50 tonnes so the systems can be used across all platforms; submarines, ASV, MUSV, LUSV.

As with all Bowmaster systems, this system meets all approvals and accreditations with class authorities – LR, DNVGL, BV, ABS, RINA and ISO. 

With growing worldwide interest in commercial, scientific and military issues associated with both oceans and shallow waters, there is increasing demand for the development of USVs and their safe anchoring solutions.

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Read the case study about the design and fabrication of the Bowmaster Unmanned Anchor System and Manson Hiding Anchor for DARPA Sea Hunter in the United States of America. 



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